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Modern Kitchens and Contemporary Design

Our contemporary kitchens combine everyday practicality with modern luxury.

What is a Contemporary Kitchen Style? 

Modern kitchens are defined by their clean lines and minimalist aesthetic. The colour palette is often neutral, offset with bold pops of colour and bright accents. Contemporary kitchen furniture and cabinet doors are usually frameless and easy to access, giving an overall appearance that’s streamlined, unfussy and free from clutter. 

The focus is on open-plan living and spacious kitchens can incorporate multi-purpose islands, workstations and breakfast bars. Some contemporary kitchen island ideas include creating clear divides between living and cooking areas and providing informal dining spaces. Contemporary kitchen designs are luxurious but understated with plenty of room for natural light, offset with some inventive and stylish kitchen lighting ideas.

Modern Kitchens Designed by John Lewis of Hungerford

Our contemporary kitchen designs blend form and function to offer a space that is equal parts practical and visually stunning. Contemporary-style kitchens work particularly well if you have a compact kitchen since the clever use of horizontal lines creates the illusion of a much larger space. The selection of handleless kitchens, available as part of our Pure range, demonstrate this clever use of design with clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic to create a more spacious environment.

John Lewis of Hungerford is renowned for its quality workmanship and attention to detail. We listen to our customers to create their dream kitchen – a beautiful space where they will feel truly comfortable and enjoy entertaining their friends and family. Each of our modern kitchen designs also offers room for personalisation according to your own preferences of colour, style and finish.

It really is a beautifully designed kitchen and it is greatly admired by all who see it Mr & Mrs Seddon, Cambridge

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It’s all in the detail

What makes a contemporary kitchen?

From the style of their beautifully crafted doors to their classic proportions and timeless neutral finishes, contemporary kitchens are defined by their distinctive detail.

Handles and Personalisation

Our contemporary kitchens are known for their understated, slim handles which provide the perfect complement to modern kitchen cupboards. They are fully customisable, so you can change the style of handle to take your look from a contemporary kitchen design to something a little more classic. You can even forgo handles completely for a clean, linear look where the kitchen cabinets blend effortlessly for continuity. 

You can also personalise your modern kitchen decor by adding accessories or accents of colour to internal cupboards and kitchen islands.

Crafted Cabinetry

The highly skilled craftsmen in our Oxfordshire workshop use a combination of traditional and modern techniques when completing kitchen projects. We only select the finest materials to craft each component, culminating in a contemporary style that will stand the test of time. It takes a deep level of skill and an incredible eye for detail to seamlessly blend joinery and make minimal lines look so sophisticated.

Kitchen Details
John Lewis of Hungerford minimal kitchen with while island and stools
John Lewis of Hungerford kitchen with a marble island in dark green with fitted appliances

Finishes and Colour

Our industry-leading paint is the unmistakable hallmark of our contemporary kitchen designs. Whether high gloss or satin, our carefully curated colour palette offers an exclusive selection of tone and hue to suit every design idea and give white kitchens a splash of colour. We apply each long-lasting finish by hand to add character.

Our Contemporary kitchen collections

View our inspiring choice of contemporary fitted kitchen designs to get an idea of how you could transform your kitchen

Our contemporary kitchen portfolio

View the contemporary kitchens our designers have created

Frequently Asked Questions about Contemporary Kitchen Design

What are the differences between modern and traditional kitchens?

Modern kitchens differ from traditional kitchens in their minimalist appearance, and use of neutral colours and symmetrical lines. Traditional kitchens tend to use a lot of wood and incorporate earthy, warm colours, intricate detailing and more rounded lines. Modern kitchens favour composite stone, quartz, granite and man-made materials with glossy or metallic finishes. Contemporary kitchen designs aim towards simplicity and functionality, while often finding room for smart or handless appliances.

Does ‘contemporary’ mean modern or traditional?

When it comes to kitchen design, contemporary is synonymous with modern and refers to the most up-to-date styles and popular trends. However, not all contemporary kitchens are necessarily modern. The word ‘modern’ relates to a specific design style from the 1950s, when the kitchen first began to serve as an extension of the living room. The new minimalist trend favoured style and functionality, making use of frameless cabinets, flat panel doors and shiny or metallic finishes.

Contemporary kitchens have adapted the clean lines and efficiency of those modern kitchen designs, while incorporating the latest design ideas, such as custom storage, kitchen islands and natural stone surfaces. 

What’s the difference between transitional and contemporary?

Transitional style is a combination of contemporary and traditional styles. It generally adheres to a modern, neutral colour palette, but forgoes the sharp lines of modern decor in favour of the gentle curves of classic styles. Elements of transitional kitchens include a blend of natural and man-made materials, lacquered finishes and subtle geometric patterns.

What’s the meaning of contemporary?

Contemporary means something that currently exists or is happening now. It’s therefore fitting that contemporary kitchen design is constantly evolving to include the most up-to-date design trends.

What is a modern contemporary kitchen?

In a modern contemporary kitchen, you can expect cutting-edge appliances and furniture with bright pops of colour.

Do you have a modern kitchen design idea for your space? Get in touch with our team of designers to create the perfect bespoke contemporary kitchen from scratch.

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I really love making people's kitchen dreams become a reality and seeing how happy they are once the kitchen install is all finished. KAREN, SALES DESIGNER, HUNGERFORD SHOWROOM
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