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Managing Cookies

Enabling cookies will ensure you receive the optimum user experience from the John Lewis of Hungerford site. If you disable your cookies you will not be able to use all the functions of the site. To change or disable your cookies you will need to visit settings in your browser.

The John Lewis of Hungerford website uses industry standard security methods to ensure that all the personal details you give us are not misused and we use cookies to both improve and speed up your browsing experience.

If cookies aren’t enabled on your device, this may affect your browsing and shopping experience on the John Lewis of Hungerford website. They are perfectly safe for your devise and will not store any personal information such as your credit card details.

Cookies are small files of information stored by your internet browser. They help to monitor website information such as visits and session times and to improve the users experience on the website. We do not store personally identifying information in our cookie data.

Affiliate, Display Banner Cookies

Affiliate and Display cookies show us how you found our website and which website you came from. This helps us know which of our online marketing channels is most effective.

John Lewis of Hungerford uses carefully selected 3rd parties in order to deliver banner advertising across various websites. In order to monitor the success of our advertising and improve it for our customers, we make use of cookies. We also use these cookies to create more relevant advertising for our customers and therefore create a more personalised experience. For example, the content of our banners will change dependant on your last interaction with our site, directing you to different pages in order to streamline your user journey through showing you relevant content.

Please be assured that none of these cookies store personally identifiable information. Please note that if you decide to opt-out of cookies you will no longer be able to receive any advertising. Please also be aware that if you decide to remove all cookies from your computer we will no longer know that you have opted out and therefore it is possible you will receive John Lewis of Hungerford advertising after their deletion.

Google Analytics Tracking

Google Analytics uses cookies to collect data, that we then analyse to help us improve customer experience on the John Lewis of Hungerford website. The cookies provide us with information such as the number of visitors and time spent on specific pages. It can also help us identify any errors on the website. The information collected by these cookies does no identify people. Google Analytics only uses 1st party cookies which means the information collected will stay in the John Lewis of Hungerford domain, however our 3rd party website design company do have access to ‘view only’ our Google Analytics in order for them to help analyse any errors with the website. The information within Google Analytics is not able to identify an individual.


Our e-marketing platform uses single pixel gifs, also known as web beacons in our email communications to track whether an email has been opened and read, and whether the recipient has clicked on any of the onward links. This allows us to monitor and improve the relevance of our email communications.


We use a Facebook pixel to track the number of clicks on a John Lewis of Hungerford Facebook ad that lead to our website. This data is used to measure the effectiveness of Facebook adverts.

We also use the Facebook pixel to send ads on Facebook to people that have visited our website. You can opt- out or change your preferences of targeted FB ads anytime by visiting settings in your Facebook account and then clicking on ads in the left-hand column.

If cookies aren’t enabled on your device, this may affect your browsing experience on the John Lewis of Hungerford website. They are perfectly safe for your devise. If you feel concerned about this you have the option to turn off cookies in your browser or have your computer prompt you before accepting them.

We value your privacy

We use cookies to enhance your browsing experience, serve personalized ads or content, and analyze our traffic. By clicking “Accept All”, you consent to our use of cookies.