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4 Colourful Kitchen Ideas

Guest Blogger – Kimberly Duran, creator of “swoonworthyblog” talks about Colour with John Lewis of Hungerford


For many years, the kitchen was simply a workspace, a utilitarian area devoted to preparing meals and little else. Today, we see our kitchens as so much more – a place that brings people together whether for meals or homework prep, the gathering hotspot for parties and the beating heart of our homes.

Dark Blue kitchen

As a result, our kitchens are changing – not just in how we use them but in how they are designed for living. No longer relegated as simply a work horse behind a closed door, they are now a buzzing hive of activity, brought into the rest of our living spaces via open concepts and reflecting the styles we see in the rest of our homes.  Despite this trend, many are still opting for neutral shades with fears of bringing colour into the kitchen in such a permanent way. Whilst white kitchens are still considered a classic, and grey kitchens have had their heyday over the last decade, it may be the time to get a little braver with our choice of kitchen colour.

Bespoke Shaker Kitchen

Are you considering taking a bolder step in your kitchen design? Or perhaps thinking How to choose colours for your kitchen? Whether you’re looking to make a statement, add a splash of vibrancy or include soft and easy shades with a touch of contrast, we have a wealth of ideas for creating more impact with colour.


  • Soft Pastel Kitchen Colours

Modern Shaker kitchen

Gone are the days when pastels were relegated to children’s domains. Today, soft and airy colours can add a wealth of style to your kitchen design. From soft pale pinks to a touch of dreamy aqua, pale lilac, primrose yellow or soft sage green, these pale and interesting hues will lift your kitchen, maximising the light in the space.

handleless kitchens

You can choose a mix and match approach of similar shade saturations or use a singular monochrome look for contemporary sophistication.   Create a grown-up palette by bringing in natural textures to ground the look. Rustic wood flooring, woven baskets on shelving or butcher block worktops integrate seamlessly with these softer shades to create a welcoming look you’ll love for years to come.

  • Dark and Moody Kitchen Colours

Green Shaker Kitchen

If you’re ready to come over to the dark side, then you’ll love the deepest moody hues that are now enveloping kitchens everywhere. A darker colour will give a look of sophistication when paired with metallic accents and can provide drama and elegance in any home.

Black traditionl kitchen

While black can be beguiling, consider darker incarnations of your favourite moody hues – from rich burgundy shades, moss greens to midnight blues – can create instant impact. Bring in lighter textured finishes or more vibrant colours for contrast or pair darker shades with wood, natural stone or concrete for a spectacular look that won’t soon go out of style.

Industrial style kitchen

When designing a dark kitchen, strategic lighting is paramount so take advantage of your kitchen designer’s expertise to help you make the most of the space.

  • The New Neutrals

Curved kitchen cabinets

If going for bold colour isn’t your style, then remember your choices aren’t limited to simply standard bright white.  With so many neutral shades available, colours like soft taupe, putty or warm greige will provide a unique twist on neutrals.

Classic Shaker Kitchen

Pale blue-grey and muted blush and peach colours can also work well as neutrals, combining with just about any other colour to add depth and interest to your kitchen design and are a perfect partner to the earthy shades like terracotta, natural clay and sienna to create depth and interest in your design.

Family style kitchen

The kitchen has become such a fundamental part of our homes that expressing our personal style via colour can make perfect sense for both you and your home. John Lewis of Hungerford has always been a trendsetter, offering painted kitchens since 1972 and with more than 100 colourful kitchen shades available as well as a bespoke colour-matching service, just about every shade is accounted for, no matter what your style. We’d love to help you make your bespoke kitchen vision a reality. Contact our friendly team today.

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